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Pet Sitting Services - providing 24 hour care for your pets 


Whilst you look forward to getting away for your holidays, for your pets it can be a particularly stressful time.  They dislike the change to their daily routine that holidays bring and in particular being away from the familiarity of your home.


Whilst boarding kennels and catteries ensure that your pet is cared for whilst you are away they do not have the time to give your pet one to one care and many pets find them particularly stressful places. 


That’s where using a trustworthy pet sitter, based at your home can help!

Our pet sitting service gives you the comfort of knowing that your pet will be cared for in the familiar surroundings of your own home and that they will receive individual tailored care as if you were there yourself.  What’s more, they can provide security for your home whilst you are away, take your dog to routine appointments such as dog grooming or puppy classes and even water the plants!


Who would benefit from our Pet Sitting service?


This service is ideal for anyone who:


  • has an elderly dog or cat that would find going to a boarding establishment particularly stressful;
  • has a pet that requires specific feeding or medical treatment;
  • has more than one animal that needs to be cared for which would be particularly costly in boarding; or
  • has concerns about the security of their home whilst they are away.


Who would be your pet sitter?


We understand that people might be concerned about letting someone stay in their house whilst they are away which is why all of our sitters are police checked, fully insured and have a clear set of rules for carrying out their duties. 


You would get to meet your pet sitter in advance to discuss the specific requirements of your pet and feel comfortable with them.  We also monitor their work throughout their stay so you can go away rest assured that your pet and home are being cared for as you would want.


What are the benefits of the service?


The following benefits can be gained by using the services of one of our trustworthy pet sitters:


  • Your pets will be cared for exactly as you would do yourself – they will receive lots of individual attention and care.
  • Your dog or cat will stay in the environment they are used to and therefore experience minimal stress from being parted from you.
  • Your animals can continue to follow their usual daily routine in their own home and get the exercise they are used to, receive specific medicines etc.
  • Reduced stress of having to get your pet to the boarding kennel or cattery before you head away.
  • Your house will be looked after whilst you are away


Short term pet home visits


We can also look after your pets for a shorter period of time in our local areas with our pet home visits.  So, if you are out for the day at an event and won’t be able to walk or feed your dog, or have to work longer hours for a particular reason just contact us and we can come round and visit your pet, ensure they get fed and the exercise they need - even at short notice!


Contact one of our local centres to find out more about our pet sitting services or call us on 0800 0237221.

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CRB certificates can be provided upon request
Erica holds City & Guilds Dog Grooming Certificate

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