05-05-2012 14:56:50 by Benson

Hello my friends. Although the weather’s been a little rainy lately it hasn’t stopped us having lots of fun walkies.

We all enjoyed a nice paddle in the pond in the rain, Max just kept swimming and swimming in circles and Carrie was splashing and going bark bark while running back and forth, she’s so funny, she makes me laugh woof woof  Blueie, Pepe and Yogi also enjoyed walking at Ashton court and Ollie and Pippa joined us for walkies as well.


I get to see my mate Dylan every day now, it’s brilliant. He is a fellow Fox poo enthusiast just like me. He’s got a lot more experience than me so I’m learning a thing or two from him. One thing is to run as far away from Erica as possible so you get to enjoy it without her on your back. She’s got no clue what she’s missing out on!



Oscar came and stayed with me for a weekend; I took him with me for some nice walks in Long Ashton and Leigh Woods and introduced him to some of my friends.



I met a new friend called Lola, she’s amazing fun too, we have a lot in common such as, being big fans of muddy puddles and the big stick march, she’s a pro, and she’s definitely been practising!



Cheerio for now, please come back again soon


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